Ozium can with flashing Ozium logo in background Ozium can with flashing Ozium logo in background



A trusted brand for over 50 years, OZIUM® got its start as the first air care brand to combat airborne bacteria*. Unlike typical air fresheners that simply mask odors, OZIUM® Cleans the Air You Breathe™— everywhere from kitchens to bathrooms, garages to sweaty gym bags, and funky cars. Word got out about OZIUM®'s surprising efficacy and it became a stoner’s best friend. We made it into a few rap songs and got a shoutout on a little show called Seinfeld. I guess you could say we’re kind of a big deal. No matter what you’re up to, you know OZIUM® delivers cleaner air. Need proof? Just try it yourself.

*non-public health bacteria

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It’s simple: OZIUM® Cleans the Air You Breathe™ so you can live life unapologetically, no matter what that smells like.



It’s time to celebrate life’s authentic imperfections. Odor is a part of life – one that shouldn’t hold you back. That’s why OZIUM® combats odors in home, office, sweaty gym bags, funky cars and everywhere in between.

Now, nothing can stop you.